Winter Adventures That Will Get You Outside

winter adventures

Anyone starting to get bored with sitting inside already? It’s not even winter yet, but with dear hurricane Ophelia raging through the UK this week, we’ve all had a good taste of what the next couple of months may look like; staying inside, barricading the doors and turning on the kettle for yet another cup of tea.

winter snow mountains couple

It’s time to get out and enjoy the cold season as soon as the storm passes, though, so make use of this handy guide when you’re ready to face the outside world again.

It makes it a lot easier to keep your energy levels up until the days are longer and brighter, and you’ll enjoy winter as it should be enjoyed – dressed in wool and with a cup of hot chocolate to warm your hands on.


Cook your dinner on a campfire

Any cold temperatures go extremely well with a sparkling campfire. Dare your family or friends to join you on a winter camping adventure this season, if you enjoy camping, and lure them with promises of grilled marshmallows.

cooking on campfire

You can easily pull this one off even if you’re not the biggest fan of wildlife and camping experiences, though, all you have to do is to light a campfire and cook your dinner over this instead.

Think of it like a cold-weather BBQ where you don’t even have to wait for the sun to set to avoid sweating away while your food is cooking. Pair it with several cups of gløgg, every Nordic person’s favourite winter drink, and remember to add some wine into the mix for your grown-up guests as well.


Go on a weekend getaway

Those who claim to dread winter has yet to experience the joy of crisp, white, and untouched snow beneath your smooth skis as you swoosh your way to the bottom of the hill. Summer simply can’t compare, and especially not if you treat yourself to one of those Andorra holidays this winter to get the full winter-wonder experience.

andorra mountains

Book a spa weekend instead, if you’re not that into winter sports, and sit in the sauna for so long that you’re basically immune to the cold air when you step outside.

Weekend getaways during the cold season should be regular and rejuvenating, so it doesn’t matter if you head off on a ski trip, a day of bird watching, or even plucking the forest clean off mushrooms; just make sure it’s something you look forward to doing.


Track animals

The perfect activity for the whole family is to go out on a Sunday to track animals in your local area. If the first snow has just fallen, it’s even better – but you’ll easily see their footprints in the mud even if the snow has yet to come.

squirrel woodland

Prints in the sand, soil, or mud are easy ways to track and spot animals – keep an eye out for their droppings as well, and bring a good camera (or just your phone) along in case you should be able to catch up with them.

To be active and happy during winter is all about wearing the right kind of clothes. Invest in them now, and you’ll be able to make that forest hike before all the good mushrooms are gone – or just save them for your snow adventures in a couple of weeks.


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