The Ultimate Guide To Sports Luxe

Sports Luxe

How To Wear Sports Luxe

Over the past few years the sports luxe style, which combines the sporty with the stylish, has soared in popularity. Activewear is no longer associated with youths and lounging around, but is a widely accepted and ever growing trend. We’ve broken the style down into its key elements so that you can adopt it and make it your own.


Firstly, when choosing which t-shirt to wear, colour is an important factor. For a more casual look, brighter colours are great, but for a smarter vibe stick to more neutral colours such as black, white, grey, khaki or nude. With regards to choosing long or short sleeves, long sleeved t-shirts give off a chicer feel, whereas short sleeved t-shirts tend to be slightly more relaxed. However, the good thing about the sport luxe style is that it’s flexible, meaning both long and short sleeved t-shirts will work, especially if they’re fitted.

Sports Luxe Look


Often when people think of hoodies, they think of the baggy, relaxed style, perfect for lounging around in. However, there are more and more smarter, ‘luxe’ style hoodies being offered by brands, such as The Couture Club, that fit the bill perfectly. These are perfect as they go seamlessly under any jacket from denim, to leather, to bomber. In addition, if you feel that those types of jackets aren’t for you, the ‘luxe’ hoodie is a great alternative.

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Similarly to the hoodie, sweatpants are also associated with lounging around the house. Nethertheless, they’re now widely accepted in many social activities, and are essential for a sport luxe style. Stay away from the traditional baggy style with a cuffed ankle, and instead go for a skinnier, tailored fit to give off a smarter yet effortless feel. Make sure you go for neutral colours, and don’t forget to take the rest of your outfit into consideration.


The attractive thing about this style is how versatile it is, and this is especially true for your jacket choice. If you want to lean towards the smarter end of the scale, then opt for a tailored blazer. Alternatively, to tone it down a little go for a bomber or sports jacket. The jacket is ultimately the main focus and will determine which direction your look will go in, so choose wisely.

Sports Luxe Jacket


Your trainers will be the finishing touch to your sports luxe outfit. They should be sporty, but clean and luxury. Reaching for your best running trainers may not be the way to go, as you want to maintain the luxurious tones throughout your whole outfit, including your footwear. Opting for canvas trainers or plimsolls will combine the comfortable with the stylish, and complete your look perfectly.

Sports Luxe Trainers

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