Tips To Take Up A Sport And Stick To It


Of all the types of exercise which you can take up, a new sport is perhaps one of the best ways of keeping you motivated and engaged. There is something about the spirit of teamwork, healthy competition, and a desire to keep improving that only sports can provide. However, if you find that you struggle to stick at a new sport after you have first taken it up, here are a few ways that can help you to stay engaged and inspired.


Learn About and Watch the Sport

baseball game

First of all, it is worth learning about your chosen sport. Read some articles online from people who have taken up the sport in the past and see what they have to say. Learning the rules in detail will also help you out before you get started. So, if you want to take up boxing at some point in the future, you need to know about the different styles that are out there as well as boxing weight classes. Next, you should try watching some videos of the professionals to give you something to aspire to.


Set Yourself Some Goals

Ice hockey face off

Once you have been practising the sport for a little while, it is a good idea to set yourself some goals which you can work towards achieving. Perhaps it is a technique that you would like to master or a certain number of points which you would like to score yourself. Once you have achieved your target, take some time out to celebrate, but also set yourself another one soon afterwards.


Take it Up with a Friend


Sometimes, when you feel like you are struggling for motivation yourself, a sporting buddy will help to give you the impetus that you need to continue. As well as this, there is also likely to be a spirit of competition that exists between the pair of you – especially if you have started around the same time and you are of a similar ability level.


Invest in Some Equipment

gym weights

Though it may only give you a short-term boost of motivation, investing in some new equipment is a good way of encouraging yourself to keep at it. After all, you are much more likely to want to try out your new tennis racquet or soccer ball and really get the best use out of it that you can.


Take Some Lessons

golf balls on green

Another way that you can continue with your sporting endeavours is by taking lessons in whichever sport you have decided to start. This helps you to give you some structure and a clear path of development. Knowing that you have a lesson booked in on a regular basis ensures that you keep going and have someone who has an interest in seeing that you don’t give up.


Taking up a new sport is something that you can do at any stage of life, and you may even find that you have a passion that you never knew about before – one that stays with you.  


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