Snowdon Walk, Snowdonia National Park

View of Snowdon Summit

Discover the stunning beauty of Snowdon and the Snowdonia National Park with this challenging walking route.

Walking Mount Snowdon

One of the goals I set myself this year was to climb the UK’s 3 National Peaks. It’s some thing that I’ve wanted to do for a while and decided that this is the year to do it. You can read about an epic practice walk I did through a snow storm a few weeks ago up Kinder Scout.

Here are a few facts about Snowdon:

It’s 1,085 metres, which is 3,560 ft, above sea level.

It sits within the “Snowdon Massif” mountain range.

Thomas Johnson was the first recorded ascender of the mountain.

The Welsh name for Snowdon is Yr Wyddfa, which means “the tomb”.

The Route

There are a number of different walks and routes up Snowdon and plenty of routes down as well. The walk we decided to take was a slight change from the horseshoe walk, as we decided against climbing Crib Goch due to the forecast of the amount of snow still on the higher ground. Our original walk is shown in red below, while the actual route we took in shown in orange.
Snowdon Walk Route

We set off from Manchester at about 6:45am and arrived at the Pen-y-Pass car park at around 8:40am. Unfortunately, the car park was already full, which meant we had to park on the A498 instead. *Be careful when parking on the road as you must park in designated parking or you run the risk of getting a parking fine.* On busy days there are a number of taxis that will take you from the road parking to Pen-y-Pass car park for £2 or it’s about a 20 minute walk up.

Looking back to Pen-y-pass car park

The rest of our group were waiting in the car park when we arrived and so we set off on our hike at around 9:20am. This is the view looking back to car park not long after we’d set off.

Starting the walk up snowdon

The first thing you’ll notice is how awesome the weather was! It was so sunny and actually quite warm in the sun, not bad for the end of March. We’d all prepared yourselves for it to be colder and therefore we all had more layers on than we needed. I soon zipped my trousers off into shorts. The weather was so good that it was easy to see the sea in the distance.

View at the start of Snowdon walk

First View Of The Summit

First sight of Snowdon

We walked along the Pyg Track up the top of the mountain ridge. Above you can see the summit just peeking out on the right.

Snowdon Walk

The Pyg track was quite wide and a well-worn path at this point. The gradient wasn’t that steep either, though as we walked we were steadily climbing in altitude.

View of Snowdon Summit

We really couldn’t believe how lucky we were with the weather. The whole landscape looked truly stunning. This is a view of the summit in all it’s glory.

View to the sea from Snowdon

As we neared the ridge of the mountain, there was an increasing amount of snow / ice. Due to the heat from the sun this snow was melting, making it quite slippery in places, and the final push to the summit was a bit more challenging as a result.

Snowdon Summit

View from the top of Snowdon

The view from the top was awesome and made the climb up so worth it. With the weather as clear as it was you could see for miles! It took us about two and a half hours to reach the summit.

Adventurer Pose on top of Snowdon

This is me doing my best epic adventurer pose at the summit.

View of horseshoe walk from Snowdon summit

These are the peaks that we still had to climb on the way back. Climbing up this next peak was probably the toughest part of the walk due to the steepness of the climb.

Looking back at Snowdon summit

The view looking back to the Snowdon summit.

Looking back at Snowdon walk

Looking back over to Snowdon as we walked the Miners Track back towards Pen-y-Pass car park.

Snowdon walk group

A group photo with the peak of Snowdon in the background. We had an awesome day and I really enjoyed the route and completing the first mountain of the national 3 peaks. I look forward to climbing Ben Nevis and Scarfell Pike soon.

See other routes you can take up and down the mountain here.

Also if you’re in the area or looking for somewhere to stay then Llanberis is worth a visit. It’s a pretty village just outside Snowdonia National Park and on the southern bank of the lake Llyn Padarn.

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