How To Slash The Cost of Food on Vacation

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When you’re planning a vacation then often there are hidden costs than what you will have paid for your accommodation and the flights. From insurance to food, the costs can add up (unless you’ve paid for all-inclusive, of course). So how can you make sure that you’re not paying over the odds for the food when you’re away? Of course, you’d be buying food anyway if you were sat at home. But would you be looking to eat out every night and but gelato in tourist spots? Not likely! So here are some of the ways you can cut the costs of your food bill when you travel.

Get Food To Go

Some of the cost of eating out on vacation is that you may be tempted to get dessert, and you do tend to pay a premium for drinks in restaurants. Not to mention the cost of tipping. So in order to avoid these things, then it can be a good idea to get your order to go. More and more places are doing this, especially with apps like Deliveroo. So that could be worth looking into before you go away on your trip.

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See What Is Included

If your accommodation offers something like a continental breakfast or even free drinks, then don’t pass it up! Getting a breakfast included can really make a difference to your day, and often tide you over until your evening meal, with just a small snack in between. So see what is offered at your place of accommodation, if anything at all.

Avoid Tourist Traps

If you’re right by the Colosseum in Rome, then you’re going to pay a premium even for a bottle of water somewhere like that. So instead, get food and drink in areas that aren’t where all of the tourists go. The same goes for grabbing food at a cafe or restaurant; eat where the locals eat. You are likely to pay regular prices, and not the prices put up because they think tourists will pay it.

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Go Self-Catering

To make it cheaper, and more like the kind of food you’d be spending money on at home, then it can be a good idea to go self-catering on vacation if you really want to save. If you want to experience the local food, then you could a couple of times on your trip. But the rest of the time you could just explore the local markets and cook for yourself.

Buy From Supermarkets

If you’re out and it is sunny and warm, then you might want to grab an ice cream. But ice creams for all of the family could really add up. Instead, look for a supermarket (especially a budget supermarket like Aldi or Lidl), and buy a pack of ice creams from there instead. It is likely to be the same price for four there as it is for one on the streets.


Have you got a favourite way to save when you’re on vacation? It would be great to hear what works for you.


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