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Ask anyone that knows me well and they’ll tell you that I like to take photos. The best of which I love to have on display in my flat. I’ve been thinking of getting a large canvas of one of my photos for a while and recently I finally decided to go for it. Here’s my review of the process and the final result.

Where To Buy Your Canvas?

I decided to get my canvas from¬†(actually the UK site this was due to the fact that the company specialise in photo mural wallpaper and large size canvas of their design or ones of your own photos. Therefore they know what they’re doing regards to turning small images into large canvases.

map wall mural

This is just one of their over 4000 wall moral designs that are available.

Choosing The Right Image

This was definitely the most time-consuming part of the process for me. Which of my images do I actually want to use? I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited some amazing places around the world, but one place will always stick in my mind…Yosemite National Park. It truly is a stunningly beautiful place. At its heart is the unbelievable (and I mean this, as you have to see it to believe it) mountain that is Half Dome. I took a whole stack load of photos of Half Dome during the few days a spent in Yosemite, but the image I chose to use is my favourite one. It shows my friend Craig and I, looking out across the magnificent landscape in front of us, with Half Dome as the centrepiece.

The Ordering Process

It couldn’t have been simpler. If you’re using your own image like I was, you start by uploading that image to the website. You next choose the size you want your canvas to be. The website shows a preview of the image depending on the ratio of the dimensions you’re choosing for your canvas, with hatched out sections shown on the preview image to indicate¬†parts of your image that wouldn’t be seen on the canvas with the dimensions currently chosen. Once you’ve selected the dimensions you want then you can order your canvas along with a DIY frame for it. This is important to do, otherwise, you’ll just receive the canvas by itself and no wooden frame to attach it to.

The Finished Image

Half Dome Yosemite National Park

canvas photo print on wall

As you can see from these photos, my large canvas (150cm X 100cm) is now hanging in my study. I was a bit worried about how such a big canvas would work on the wall, but I love it. It adds a bit of life to an otherwise boring wall and also I’m sure it’ll be a constant source of inspiration (and maybe procrastination) when I’m sat at the computer working on the blog.

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