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The world of travel is wonderful in many ways. It can teach us more about ourselves by stripping away so much of the infrastructure of our day to day lives that forms our routine that we start thinking for ourselves in new and creative ways. It also encourages us to try new thing; new tastes, new sights, new sounds, new languages. We immerse ourselves in other cultures while encountering people who want to learn about ours. As wonderful as it is to imbibe the new and unfamiliar, lots of us still want to take a little bit of home with us. It’s why theatre buffs from  London simply must see a show on Broadway and theatre buffs from New York simply must see a play on the West End or some Shakespeare at The Globe.

For the dedicated sports fan, international competition and co-operation come as part of the package. We see our favourite teams travel to stadia around the world and our heroes make a splash with overseas populaces and travelling to new and exotic locales is just one more part of being a sports fan. Perhaps that’s the reason why you see so many Americans at Old Trafford. If you’re a sports fan with the wanderlust, here are some seminal locations that deserve a place on your bucket list…


Cricket fans must visit Melbourne

Melbourne is a cool and vibrant city that’s packed with trendy night spots, cool cafes and sumptuous restaurants without the self-congratulatory hipster trappings that you’d get in Brighton, UK or Seattle, Washington. It’s also, however, a Mecca for cricket enthusiasts. On the outskirts of this cosmopolitan city, you’ll find the Rupertswood mansion where the ashes were first played. While the ashes themselves are kept in a terracotta urn at Lord’s in London, their birthplace is the picturesque Rupertswood estate.

Football fans must visit Madrid

It’s really, really hard to pick a single seminal location for your football travels. Nonetheless, if you’re a devotee of the beautiful game and are looking for a perfect city break with someone special, you’d be hard-pressed to find better than Madrid. Not only is the stadium at Real Madrid (who have won more European Cups than literally anyone else) a fascinating and edifying experience, Madrid itself is home to some of the most spectacular Gothic architecture in Europe, if not the world. It’s also home to some of the most luxurious dining you’ll ever experience!


Baseball fans have to visit Boston

Baseball is the US national pass time but has a huge congregation of followers from around the world. While it’s no cricket, it still has a growing fan base in the UK. If you’re a baseball fan, there are many cities across the US that would make a worthy pilgrimage but few would be so edifying as Boston. Load up on sausage and pepper sandwiches before catching a Red Socks game at Fenway Park… Just don’t attempt to do the accent in front of them. They really, really don’t like that!


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