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If there’s one area of fashion that many men find complicated to get right, it’s achieving the perfect smart casual look. For workwear, it’s all about tailored, slim or skinny fit suits, when going casual it’s all about ripped jeans and skinny sweatpants, but it’s achieving the ideal middle ground between the two that can be tricky. Regardless of how fashion conscious you might be, a large number of men struggle to achieve that perfect smart casual look.


Finding the elements that fit perfectly together to create the ideal look that is casual, smart and stylish is not always easy to do. A common misconception when it comes to achieving that perfect smart casual look is that you need to forego all smartness and should be more casual, but that isn’t the case at all.


Smart casual dressing is not the easiest look to get right but there’s no need to panic, as below is a guide to perfecting your style and putting together the perfect outfit.



Overdressed is better than underdressed


As a rule of thumb, when it comes to smart casual dressing, it’s important to understand that overdressed is far better than underdressed. When it comes to achieving the perfect smart casual combo look, it’s far better to look too smart rather than too casual. Otherwise, it can look as if you couldn’t be bothered to get dressed up for the occasion. Obviously, this is not the kind of impression that you want to create.

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Take event context into account


When it comes to successful smart casual dressing, it’s essential that you always take the context of the event into account. It’s crucial that you understand how important that context of an event actually is because this links to what is and what isn’t appropriate to wear. Think of it like this; a smart casual outfit for a boys’ night out is going to be different to what’s appropriate for a dinner celebrating a family member’s birthday or a wedding anniversary meal. It’s all about taking the context into account. For instance, while black skinny jeans and a polo shirt would be ideal for a night out with your friends, for a family meal something a little smarter from a site like John Henric UK, would probably be a better fit.

smart casual mens fashion

Take comfort seriously


The whole point of smart casual dressing is that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to comfort. If you’re clever about your look and what you wear, smart casual clothing doesn’t have to mean compromising on comfort at all – you can look smart and stylish as well as being extremely comfortable and content in what you’re wearing. The key to comfort is clothing fit – never buy clothing that rides up or slips down, and always buy pieces that fit you properly.


It might not be easy to get smart casual dress right, but the tips above should help to make achieving that perfect look a little bit easier. It’s just a case of thinking carefully about the occasion and your options while considering comfort in addition to style.


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