Kinder Scout Walk – Peak District, Derbyshire

Snowfall on Kinder Scout

Circular walk from Hayfield, in the Derbyshire Peak District, up Kinder Scout and back. Read about the route and how the weather can make it EPIC.

Kinder Scout Walk

Last Sunday my mate John and I wanted to do a decent length hike, so decided to walk up Kinder Scout. This was practice for our upcoming ascent of Snowdon in a few weeks, and then the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge I’m doing with a group of work colleagues in May.

Here are a few facts:

How high is Kinder Scout: 636m / 2087 ft

Where: North Derbyshire

How long is the walk: Around 13km / 8 miles

Where to park: Bowden Bridge Car Park, 165 Kinder Road, SK22 2LE

This is a map of the route which we took…

Kinder Scout Walk Route Map

We arrived at around 9 am on Sunday morning. It wasn’t raining, however, the forecast had been for rain that day. We’d packed our waterproofs and had food and water, so we thought we were pretty set for the 5-6 hour walk ahead of us.

Kinder Scout Walk 2

Unknowingly to us, we set off on the incorrect footpath which led us to the wrong side of the reservoir. Which meant we had to retrace our steps somewhat and take another route below the reservoir before climbing up to the correct path. Which is shown above.

Kinder Scout Valley

The route took us through and up the river valley. It was good fun repeatedly hoping over and through the river as we slowly ascended.

Kinder Scout Valley

Though it was pretty damp underfoot, the weather was still holding up. And we were rewarded with some impressive views.

Kinder Scout Path

Reaching the top of the river valley, brought us to the point where the Pennine Way crosses over the route. The slope to the summit shown above was surprisingly steep.

Then it started to SNOW

Snowfall on Kinder Scout

It was as we approached this summit that the weather took a change for the worse and snow began to fall.

Soon the snow was falling hard and as we walked over the exposed moorland of the hills, the wind was blowing the snow hard into our faces. Though we could barely keep our eyes open due to the wind and snow at this point, we still managed a smile 🙂

Crossing the tops was hard work, made more difficult by the snow which covered the footpath. The snowfall also meant that visibility was majorly reduced too. We just tried to follow the few footpaths we could find left by other walkers. And tried not to get too close to the edge!

The walk across the tops was long and definitely an experience, but enjoyable! After reaching the highest point, we started the descent back into the valley. As this photo shows, the snow was extremely localised just to the summit of the hills. The route back was quite boggy in areas and extremely slippy in other places.

Fitbit Kinder Scout

As you can see from my Fitbit output from the day, it was a long challenging walk. We finished around 3 pm, a total of 6 hours after we started (this includes the time going the incorrect way). I normally average around 10,000 steps a day, so this was nearly 3 times that! Very good exercise, great fun exploring a new location and the snow storm made it pretty epic. We’ll definitely do it again in the summer to compare it.

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