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So, you’ve been put in charge of organizing a stag do. This is a huge responsibility, and you want to ensure that you allow everyone to experience an impressive series of events, so the pressure is on. You will want to do something a little out of the ordinary. After all, you want this to be memorable for all the right reasons. So, say goodbye to inappropriate or boozy weekends and consider a few of these options. The stag and the rest of the party will be able to have a good time while staying sufficiently in line: everyone remains happy, and the event should be a raging success. What more could you possibly want?


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Go Karting

We all have a need for speed, so what better to get everyone’s adrenaline pumping than Go Karting. Venues such as Lakeside Karting offer a variety of circuits, meaning that there will be something suitable for participants of all abilities. One of the more difficult things about organizing an event with guests you may not be all too familiar with is ensuring that everyone has a good time and nobody feels unable to participate in any group activities. This is why GoKarting is so great. Whether someone is a seasoned, experienced Karter or a complete novice, there will be a track and a Kart option to suit their needs. From novice circuits and single engine karts to adult circuits with double engined ProKarts. This means that everyone will be able to take part and get behind the wheel. The competition involved also provides a source of bonding between people who may have never met before, bringing the group closer.


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Bubble Football

If the groom is a fan of football, chances are you’ve been for a kickabout in the park a few times. That or you’ve pulled together an odd five-a-side mismatched gang for monthly or annual tournaments. So, why not stick with the familiar but add something of a little interest for the stag do? Try out bubble football. This is exactly what it sounds like: you play football from inside a bubble. The bubble completely throws your sense of spatial awareness off, resulting in all sorts of hilarious collisions without the pain of full-on tackles. You can play indoors or outdoors, so this is a brilliant year-round option.


Zombie Bootcamps

Ever watched a zombie film with the guys and boasted about how well you’d cope with an invasion? Well, the stag do can be the ideal opportunity for everyone with an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is with a zombie boot camp. This kind of event isn’t for the fainthearted. You may experience bumps and bruises, but your adrenaline will tide you over, as you take training and are escorted to a boot camp. Where all zombie hell has broken loose to put your newly acquired skills to the test.


Remember, stag dos don’t have to solely revolve around clubbing. There are plenty of other activities out there that can make much more memorable experiences. Choose carefully and be organized to ensure that everyone has the best time possible.

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