How To Have A Unique ‘Stag Do’ Weekend With Your Pals

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If you or a friend is engaged and nearly ready to be married, it could be time for the infamous ‘stag do,’ or ‘grooms night.’ This is usually either an adventure, party or a combination of the both celebrating the last vestiges of non-marital life. It means jumping into a hilarious event with your best friends, and experiencing something just for you guys.

Stag dos have taken on a somewhat controversial tone. Either silly drunken antics or mistakes rather forgotten seem to have both had an impact on the public image of the stag do. There’s no reason why this should continue, as getting drunk and being stupid does not necessarily mean your stag do was a fun success. If you hope to experience this even in a unique manner, then look no further than our current guide!

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Heading abroad to a new country for a week or a weekend can be immensely fruitful in having a positive and fun stag celebration. Heading to a culture you like and experiencing it can be a great way to reflect while also spending time with your guy friends. Why not do something that you never otherwise would? This way a sense of adventure shadows the entire event, but in a positive and exciting way. You might choose to spend a week in Colorado, enjoying the artistry of bow hunting with conservationists. You might go for a long-form hike up the traversable areas of the alps. You might decides to walk the long-form Spanish and French pilgrimage route of the Santiago De Compostela. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s something that challenges you and gives you cause for hilarity. Not only will you bond more this way, but you’ll have memories much more preferable to a night of drunken stupor.



Of course, enjoying a brilliant trip needn’t mean heading to the middle of the wildlife and countryside. It can also mean indulging yourself in a cultured and luxurious visit. From using short stay apartments from London Serviced Apartments to truly experience the city in its premium display, to spending a weekend in Vegas and watching the excellent magic shows and casino offerings there, indulgence can be a phenomenal thing to have on hand when celebrating your years of connected marriage about to come.

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If you and your friends are creative to a degree, then why not make a joint project to celebrate something awesome? If you all enjoy snowboarding and extreme sports, why not purchase a GoPro and begin making your own weekender movie? If you guys used to be in a band, why not reform the old collection and start playing some of your old covers and tracks one the local humble stage circuit? Nostalgia can be very powerful for a stag celebration, as it celebrates and caps off the old in exchange for the new.

With these tips, you’re sure to experience an excellent and memorable stag do. We wish you the best of luck for your promising years of marriage!

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