How To Get Into US Sports

American Football players

If you like sports then you’ll know that Americans are pretty big on on it. For a keen sports fan it’s only natural to want to take an interest in US sports, mainly due to their popularity not just in the US but across the world. But how do you go about getting into US sports and becoming a proper fan?

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Which sport to follow?

Though there are a whole load of sports played professionally in the US. Let’s just concentrate on the handful of really popular sports that are most associated with America. I’m classing these as NFL (American Football), Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey.

In terms of choosing which one of these to follow, you could pick them all, but maybe start with one to begin with. I’d recommend NFL, just because there are far fewer games per season compared to the other sports.

Ice hockey face off

Choose a team

There are plenty of reasons why you could pick a team to support. Maybe it could be the first team you watch on TV (this was the reason why I support Seattle Seahawks, as they won the first NFL game I every sat down and watched the whole way through). If you’ve been lucky enough to visit any city that has a sports team, then choose a team from there.

US sports teams love their mascots and naming themselves after animals. So if you’re really struggling to choose a team, you could always pick one that represents your favourite animal.

Whatever you do, don’t just pick the best team that wins all the time. No one likes a glory hunter.

American Football players

Watch a game

Of course there is the issue of time difference, but US sports are so readily available on TV and online now, that if you put a bit of effort in you’ll be able to watch your new team.

Of course even if you ever get the chance to go see you team live in person, definitely take that opportunity.

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Keep up with the latest news and scores

This probably the easiest part, due smart phones and the internet latest scores and news are available to you 24/7 worldwide. There are plenty of latest score app for all kinds of sports or you could download single dedicated apps like a nba app or this American football news app. Whatever you choose, just make sure you do keep up to date with your teams’ latest news and results etc, otherwise you’re not a proper fan.

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Better with friends

Whether its watching the game together or just talking about sports with each other, having friends who are interested in the same sport is always a plus. You and your friends could all decide to support the same team. Or maybe to bring a bit of spice / banter to things, you could support different teams.

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Whichever sport and team you decide to follow, it’s sure to be entertaining!

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