How To Get Fit On A Budget

Not everyone has the budget to head to the latest and greatest gym that has all the gadgets and best classes. Most gym memberships price some people out and when you do get to go around work commitments, you may not get to enjoy the membership you’re paying for anyway! Don’t worry though, this isn’t the end of your fitness goals. You can get fit and lean without having to pay through the nose every month.

Your resolution for 2018 may well be to get into shape, but doing it without busting the budget may escape your thinking. Never fear: we’ve got some fantastic ways you can get fit for a low cost. It shouldn’t be a financial burden to get healthy and feel good about yourself. So, how can you get yourself healthy as a horse without paying out for one?

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Use What You Have!

If you have a bicycle rusting in the garage, it’s time get it spruced up. Once you’ve given it a clean and invested in some good bike insurance, you need to get out on the road. Swap your morning traffic-filled commute for a cycle to and from work. The amount of time you can give yourself to get fit will greatly depend on how long you have in the day that is spare. By adding to your commute, you’ve used your time wisely.

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Get Up And Go

Download a good running app like these, lace up your shoes and get pounding the pavement. Fresh air outside is free, so there’s no need to wait for payday or the month you get your bonus to get moving. Running is one of the best exercises you can do for your fitness, so don’t discount what a good pair of running shoes can give you.

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Lounge Around

We don’t mean lay down like broccoli and veg. Your lounge is the perfect workout studio. Hook your laptop or other consoles that receives the internet to the main TV and choose a Fitness Blender or a workout that you can stream for free on YouTube. There’s no point in paying to attend a fitness class when you can use the space you have and the internet you already pay for.

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Rely On Your Phone

If you’re a zombie fan, you’ll love this app. It simulates a zombie chasing you, meaning you’re going to feel adrenaline-fuelled and motivated to get jogging. You can go on your lunch break or even around your backyard if it’s big enough. Your phone can stream the internet, so find an app that makes sense for your own motivation and get it going.

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Pinterest Challenges

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, you may have seen this ab challenge doing the rounds. There are also leg and arm challenges, meaning you can give yourself a little motivation and start doing some workouts every day.

There’s no excuse for not getting healthy when the world itself has a way to get you what you need for free. Take advantage and make that resolution start now.


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