How To Book Gigs As A Musician

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So, you read the article on this blog about becoming a musician, and now you want to learn a little more about what it takes to book some gigs and arrange a tour. That is the single best way to ensure as many people as possible see your live show and become interested in the art you create. However, those who’ve never attempted to book a DIY tour before will probably make a lot of mistakes along the way. With that in mind, there is a guide below that should help to ensure you cover all the basics. Refer to this post when the time comes to book your gigs.


Choosing the right venues

The venues musicians select for gigs will make or break the tour. Hopefully, you already have somewhat of a following online, and those people should help you to work out where to play. For instance, if you’re a political songwriter, it makes sense to arrange concerts for members of the Industrial Workers of the World and other groups. If you’re a pop act; you might benefit from attempting to arrange support slots for mainstream acts. You get the idea, right? Play to your strengths, and try to build on the fan base you have at the moment.

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Promoting your gigs

You need to make sure that lots of people get to hear about your tour in advance so they can purchase tickets. There are many music bloggers out there you could contact and ask to publish the information on their websites. There are also community radio stations that would love to interview you. Make sure you create a press release and send it to all the mainstream news outlets too. Create YouTube videos that contain interviews about your tour, and post them all over your social media channels. Also, encourage all your friends, fans, and family members to share all the content you create related to your gigs.

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Selling your tickets

There are a few options on the table when it comes to selling tickets for your gigs. You can do it yourself if you create a feature on your website that enables people to place orders. You also might consider using a specialist ticket site like TicketOffices because that move will encourage people who aren’t already fans to learn about your concerts and your music. Make sure you check the small print if you use a ticketing site because some of them pay you in different ways. Ideally, you want to choose a domain that sends the money straight away. Some will only pay you after the event.

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Now you know how to book gigs as a musician without losing your temper or working too hard; it is time to develop your strategy and work towards your goal. It is more than possible for musicians and songwriters to earn a living without playing gigs these days. You can always sell your music online. However, if you want to become a hit in the mainstream; you’ll have to get used to playing live.


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