How Rugby Can Bring Us Together

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Rugby is often referred to as the thugs game played by gentlemen, but it really is so much more than that. Like a lot of sports it can offer great ways of bringing people together. However rugby perhaps more than any other sport has a way of bringing different people and cultures together. Whether it’s as a supporter or as part of a rugby team, this sport has the power to form bonds, friendship and even unite countries.

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Being a supporter of a rugby team or nation offers many opportunities to bring people together. This can be from simply in the form of all those you gather at a stadium or pitch to support their team. The common bond of supporting the team means that all those there have a common interest, which automatically links them. Friendships can be ignited from that common interest, whether that be those sat in the stands together or those in the Rugby Hospitality, most are all there for the same reason, to support their team.

Where rugby differs from such sports like football, is that the supporters of both teams are mixed in with each other, rather then being segregated in areas for opposing fans. The friendly nature and sportsmanship between supporters means that there is rarely trouble and instead bonds can even form between supporters of different teams.


It’s not just new friendships that rugby offers, but also the opportunity to keep existing ones going. Going to watch the rugby, either live at the stadium or down the pub, offers a great chance to meet and spend time with friends.

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Being part of a rugby team offers another way for bonds of friendship to form. Local amateur rugby teams are often made up of a variety of people from different walks of life, all having a shared interest – a passion for the game of rugby. Playing as a team, in whatever sport, brings people together in a common goal – a desire to win. Team sports mean that you have to work with and support your teammates, which means that natural bonds are formed. It’s the toughness and physical nature of the game and “in the trenches” mentality that rugby players often have, that heightens the connection between rugby teammates and so brings them even closer.


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