The Great Barrier Reef: So Much More Than Snorkelling

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As soon as anyone mentions the Great Barrier Reef, one thing jumps to the forefront of most of our minds: snorkelling. The stunning coral reefs are relatively shallow, so we are generally able to explore them with just the aid of a diving mask, a snorkel, and flippers or fins of sorts. What’s even better than the minimalism? Most of us can easily snorkel. You don’t need particular specialist training; it’s relatively common sense. You simply breathe through the tube and ensure that it stays out of the water while you’re swimming. People are generally less apprehensive about taking to the waters as long as they stay close to the surface and breathable air too! However, the Great Barrier Reef offers so many more opportunities than snorkelling alone. Here are a few alternative ways of experiencing the reef!

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Scuba Diving

Now, scuba diving may run on a similar concept to snorkelling, but it provides you with an entirely different experience. Diving allows you to reach lower depths, as you are not bound to the surface with the need to come up for breath. Instead, an air tank allows you to stay submerged for longer periods of time, freeing you to explore a vaster area. Considering that the Great Barrier Reef is composed of three thousand reef systems and nine islands, there really is much more to explore than what lies within the shallows. Incorporate scuba diving into a day tour of the reefs such as those listed at

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Glass Bottom Boats

If you’re not all too comfortable in the water, you shouldn’t feel confined to the shores. You can still experience close encounters with the beautiful fish, turtles, and other sea life that live in the waters off the Western Coast. How? Well, a glass bottom boat could be the answer to all of your wants and needs. This allows you to coast along the waters, taking in a view of everything that lies beneath the surface without once immersing yourself. Definitely, consider this if you are a weak swimmer, cannot swim, or have little ones with you.


Scenic Flights

The Great Barrier Reef is more often associated with water than the air, but taking to the skies can really give you a different perspective on the entire system. The most common options to take in the wider landscape are hot air balloons and helicopter rides. Both, of course, won’t prove ideal for everyone. If you’re scared of heights or dislike being in small or confined spaces, you might want to keep your feet on dry land. But if you’re brave enough to give them a try you will be greatly rewarded with incomparable views of the entire area.


As you can see, snorkelling is by no means the only way of engaging with the Great Barrier Reef. In fact, you need not even enter the water to craft the trip of a lifetime. So, be open and try out something a little different!

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