The Forgotten Questions To Ask When Purchasing A New Home


When it comes to looking around a property which may well end up being your forever home, it’s worth taking more than the cursory 20 mins glance around and make sure to remember the niggling questions that tend to come to mind only when we leave. Here’s a handy checklist to keep them at the forefront.


Look It In The Face

During the winter months or even on a cloudy day or night, it is difficult to tell whether you are looking at a north or south facing house. It may not seem that important yet in summer months; you are looking at a significant difference in that you are choosing the option of a home that is full of light and warmth, and one that is frustratingly dark from very early on in the day. This will not only have an impact on the humans in the house but your favourite plants too. Don’t worry about taking a compass with you to the viewing. There are compass Apps that will do the trick just as well as a physical one.


Wonderful Windows Or Cloudy Condensation?

The state of the external window frames is an excellent indicator as to the state of the rest of the house as, in general,  if people look after those, they are likely to have taken great care of the rest. Take a poke. If you can quickly push your finger into wooden window frame, they are usually rotten. The same goes for whether there is condensation between double-glazed window-panes, this will indicate they are faulty.


Rising Damp?

Not always easy to spot, though the main giveaway signs are a mouldy, musty smell, flaky plaster, and watermarked walls or ceilings. It may sound obvious, but make sure you look carefully near the ceiling and around the skirting boards. Another clue might be if the room has just been repainted to possibly covering any damp.


Room With A View?

Take a measure. Occasionally, realtors have been known to put smaller furniture in rooms to make them appear bigger.


Space Man?

An essential yet often overlooked asset to any house is storage space.There is nothing worse than moving into a new home, only to find you have nowhere to keep your vacuum cleaner, towels, spare linen, and even those boxes of junk? If there is nothing in place, is there room for cupboards or shelves to be built in?


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Another clever trick of the realtor is to use cleverly placed mirrors, strategic lighting, delicious smells, cosy fires, and fresh licks of paint, to make their home more appealing and then at the end of the day, saleable. Make sure you are not fooled by this simple, and sometimes delicious, trick.


You’ve Got The Power

Firstly, check out the fuse board, does it look new? Often an indication of the state of the wiring, it’s not only important but essential. Make sure to check it out as replacing it all afterwards can be very expensive. Dodgy wiring can be dangerous, and rewiring your new home can be a costly business.


Water, Does it Work?

The simplest way to check the water pressure is to run the taps. You will also want to know if the pipes are insulated. If you ask for the heating to be on, if visiting in the warmer months, you can check if the radiators work? Is another consideration the age of the boiler? If the hot water tank is situated in the attic, it is probably an old one and may have to be replaced soon


Room At The Top

People often ignore the loft space, but it can be an essential part of the house and should be easy to access? Not only can it be another storage haven, but it could also be converted into extra rooms and could add to the value of the property in the future.


All Good In The Hood?

  • Are you near a pub or bar that becomes rowdy in the evening?
  • Am I near my local sports team? Check out the cost of football calculator which will show you how much more, or less, you will be paying to see them one you’ve moved.
  • Can you walk to shops to get a pint of milk, or do you have to drive?
  • Is it easy to get on public transport or are you going to need a car?
  • Are there noisy roads or train tracks nearby?
  • Are you underneath a flight path?
  • And most importantly of all, while taking a look around ask yourself – does it feel like you could make it your home?
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