Fishing Kit Essentials For The Novice Angler


Whether you are tempted to take up fly fishing, deep sea fishing or go for a lazy day coarse fishing by the river, it’s important that you have right bits of kit. If you saunter down to your local fishery with a rod, floats, tackle box and keep net that has seen better days, you’ll be spending more of your time mending your equipment than you will do trying to hook a big one. Take a look at this guide to help you discover the best kit on the market, whatever your budget.



Perhaps the most fundamental string to your bow when heading out with your mates for a day’s fishing is your rod. The vast array of options can be mind boggling with carp rods, pole rods and feeder rods to name but a few. As a beginner, you’ll want something pretty general to cover most bases that you can pick up for as cheap as £25/$30. As with any bit of fishing kit, it’s a good idea to check out some reviews. By putting the rods through their paces, the reviewers gain a real insight as to how easy the rod is to use for a first-time angler. You don’t want to opt for the most revolutionary and expensive rod if, as a novice, you can’t use it to its full potential.


Many veteran anglers would say that your reel is more important than your rod. When you feel the rush of endorphins the moment you hook a fish there is nothing worse than a poorly designed reel, causing the line to jam, snap and your catch to retreat into the depths. It’s vital that you find yourself a reel with a powerful gear ratio to handle the big fish and a large enough spool to hold plenty of line in case the fish you hook wants to dart. Shimano is a name that’s been around for nearly a hundred years and still offers great reels for the beginner on a budget.

fishing line


The line you use will make or break the success of your venture into angling. Use a line that is too thick, and the fish you are trying to catch will see it and quickly swim the other way. Use a line that is too thin and catch a monster and it will simply snap. Think about the fish you are hoping to catch and get a line suitable for that weight of fish. Lines are graded by the weight of your potential catch so it can be pretty easy to find the line you need.



Floats or bobbers have many different variations with mildly amusing names to match. There is the waggler, the bubble, the popper, the quill, the stick or the dink. Straight wagglers are perhaps the most versatile freshwater float, standing up well to high winds and being responsive to the smallest of bites. If you are heading out to sea to try and catch some surface feeding fish, you might want to opt for a bubble float when setting up your lure rig. Floats are surprisingly cheap so it’s easy to make a comprehensive collection for very little cash.


Fishing is the ultimate relaxing day out. Whether you’re trout fishing in your waders in a river or heading out on a trawler to try your hand at mullet fishing. Invest in the right kit, and you’ll be enjoying your fishing for years to come.

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