Europe’s Hidden Gems

First sight of Snowdon

If you’re looking for an extraordinary vacation, trading the standard locations for hidden gems is a fantastic solution. Those lesser-known destinations often offer a more authentic experience. Meanwhile, the fun of not knowing exactly what to expect can make a telling difference too.  

Here are four less common destinations that are sure to offer a unique experience you’ll never forget.


Wonderful Wales



Millions of global tourists head to London each year, and there’s no doubt that the English capital is home to some truly iconic attractions. Nevertheless, it’s very expensive while you’ve already seen and heard about all of those places from friends and films. For non-British travellers visiting the UK, a few days in Wales can be far more rewarding. The country is simply stunning while the cities like Cardiff still boast the nightlife and entertainment that many will seek.

Essentially, Wales offers a more comprehensive holiday experience for visitors. Alternatively, if you’re a fellow Brit, it probably makes more sense to limit London to day trips.   


Love In Ljubljana



Where do loving couples go on romantic holidays? That’s right, Paris. While there’s nothing wrong with the French capital, it’s far from being the only ideal setting for lovers. Ljubljana in Slovenia is undoubtedly one of the best. At the right time of year, when the sun is out, there’s nothing quite like a romantic walk through the old town and along the river.

A quick trip up to the castle gives you a truly beautiful panoramic view of the city. Meanwhile, an hour coach ride to Lake Bled is another day trip that’s sure to stay in your memories for life. Finally, you can follow in the footsteps of many other couples by leaving a padlock at Butcher’s Bridge. Just make sure you avoid reading the full history of the place.


Andorran Adventure Holidays

 learn to ski

Once upon a time, skiing holidays were almost exclusively reserved for the upper classes. However, this is now a fairly common pastime for travellers of all backgrounds. A combination of exhilaration on the slopes, beautiful sights, and luxury living make it a winner for all.

But while many will head to French and Swiss Alps, Andorra ski holidays may be the best option of the lot. Not that many people get to visit the tiny principality, and this certainly adds an extra ingredient. In truth, the backdrops and level of comfort are more than enough to challenge any destination in Europe’s better-known destinations.   


Delightful Dubrovnik



Millions of people head to Italy for a few days of sun, relaxation, and culture. While there are plenty of great hotspots dotted throughout the country, heading east to Croatia may unlock a number of hidden gems. Dubrovnik is certainly one of them and is a place where you can get lost amidst the beauty of the old town. From the moment you land over the terracotta roofs, it’s stunning sceneries from start to finish.

Dubrovnik is home to some incredible food too. You could easily spend a week or two here. Although, if you wish to travel around, there are many other great towns and cities along the Adriatic Sea coast. Alternatively, Montenegro and Bosnia are nearby too.


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