Dipping Toes In The Marina At The City Of Piraeus

Piraeus is the Greece’s main port and ferry hub, but harbours many small boats both powered and sail, along with hydrofoils fillings its dock. Approximately 10 kilometers southwest of Athens it’s the largest port in the entire Mediterranean with over 20 million passengers passing by its shore every year. The Aegean ferry network is at the heart of Greece’s trade as its the bulk of the merchant navy which sails to and fro every day from other ports around the region with all sorts of cargo.

The city centre is sprawling with activity and frequently has traffic jams allowing the waves of pedestrians to cross the streets. It’s not secret that although not directly linked, Athens uses Piraeus as it’s adopted port and has done so since the Classical Period. After the Ottoman Empire invaded Greece is took a dip in importance but in 1834 Athens resurged it and had since become the most powerful and rich city in Greece.   

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Corinth and Mycenae Day Trip

From Piraeus, you can embark on a tour that will take you to some of the most beautiful and historically important places in Greece. You can book this tour from the local tourist activity range. University students who live and study in the local towns have been hired as guides by holiday companies. Their knowledge is second to none as most have grown up in the city itself. It’s a one of a kind tour that visits the Corinth Canal, Mycenae and ancient ruins scattered across the city. Just an hour away from Piraeus the Corinth Canal splits runs 6.4 kilometres long. It is the waterfront that connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea which some argue makes the peninsula an island.


Photo source – Nikolaos Diakidis

Coastal tour

Along the coast, you can hire all manner of boats for an excursion further inland to Athens at your own pace. You can hire easy to operate sailboats that are purpose built for the group of friends looking for an exciting day out. Companies like The Big Sail offer skipper and hosts that will take you anywhere in the finest luxury and greatest of ease. Their skippers navigate the coast and let you experience the true side of the Piraeus port.

The local fisherman and their marina houses are scattered all over the coastline as their get up every morning to earn their daily bread. You won’t find fresher fish anywhere in the Mediterranean, than at the Tecrep Marine as independent fishermen sell their catch just as the sun is setting. The locals are so generous and incredibly friendly, making Piraeus truly, a diamond in the rough. Overshadowed by Athens, but standing proudly as a seafaring and foreign trade specialist city.

The taste of the sea

Varoulko is where the locals come to celebrate their city. Their culture, and their heritage. The best seafood menu and chef anywhere for miles and miles. It’s a full-bodied Greek dining experience and no wonder it has a coveted Michelin star. The combination of the waterfront and the Lefteris Lazarou cuisine is unbeatable. You will sit and watch the world go by. Sip on a delicate white wine as the sailboats gradually start to line up, bobbing up and down ever so slightly as the tide goes out at the Mikrolimano harbour.

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