Which Countries Truly Know How To Celebrate Life?


There are many countries in the world, and the majority of them are worth a visit. Of course, places like North Korea or countries facing civil war are best avoided right now, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less of a wealth of environments you can gain easy and memorable entry to on a tourist visa. What is the purpose behind your vacation time? Do you enjoy seeing new places? Do you want to meet people? Are you simply hoping to get out of this cold?


If you’re looking for something more interesting, visceral and exciting than these, or to find these interests at their peak and most optimal, then consider finding countries and cultures which truly know how to celebrate life. This usually makes for an excellent populace, excellent food (and mostly excellent weather.)



Spain is known as one of the brightest jewels of Europe from a cultural perspective. It has given multiple celebratory dance styles, some wonderful music and instrumentation, absolutely mind-blowing food and of course the wisest of all – the siesta. Finding cheap flights to Barcelona is easy, and this is largely the place where celebrations accrue. From the Semana Santa (Holy Week,) the Carnival, La Tomatina (the tomato throwing festival,) among many others, you can be sure that Spaniards are partying somewhere.


The general lax attitude of most Spaniards allows for a wonderful, friendly and inviting culture. Celebrating life in Spain might look like impromptu dancing to some classical guitar in an open bar, or it might look like simply eating an 8 course meal over the course of five hours with your friends (and plenty of wine!) People in Spain simply know how to relax, but this relaxing is anything from unproductive. In our cultures, we often consider relaxing to be the antithesis of work, but we neglect resting to our detriment. To truly rest is an unburdening of the soul, vital to your general health.



France is an absolutely wonderful place to celebrate life. Artistic merit and bohemian ambition rule the culture here, and we can’t think of a more incredible way to celebrate life than that. There’s a reason that the best chefs in the world train in France. It’s because the culture values perfection, and that striving is paying respects to cultural celebration and beauty. To find yourself in the presence of such passion is inspirational – perfect if you’re looking for more of that creative juice you need to truly develop your artistic projects! If you have the wherewithal to stay focused and able, you can truly imbue your perspective with some artistic flourish. Not bad for a vacation to simply get away from the monotony of your working life!

We know that visiting these locations will give you a new lease of life. So what are you waiting for?


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