Backpacking In Asia: 3 Countries You Have To Visit!

cambodia temple

Asia is one of the most popular backpacking continents in the world. People love travelling there as there are so many great countries you can visit and take in the unique culture of this part of the world.

If you’re planning a gap year and want to know the best places to visit in Asia, here’s my top three:




It’s almost impossible to go backpacking through Asia without spending some time in China. This is purely because the country is so massive, it’s hard to avoid it! As a country, China is a fantastic blend of historical culture and modern beginnings. It also has some fantastic cuisine, particularly in the Northern areas.


There is so much to do and see here, you’re really spoilt for choice. You can visit traditional Chinese temples and marvel at the incredibly iconic architecture. Or, you can go to more urban areas of China such as Xi’an and see the modern skyscrapers and city life. One thing’s for certain, you’ll never be far away from a Xi An hotel as there is a lot of accommodation available throughout this urban part of China. It’s well worth booking accommodation in different areas of the country and moving around during your time there. China is certainly a country you need to add to your bucket list.

Vietnam fields



A lot of people confuse Vietnam with China as they’re very close by and people assume it’s just a part of China. However, it’s a standalone country with so much history and natural beauty. The climate is very exotic, and it’s well-known for all its beaches.

vietnam rice fields

But, the main reason you should visit Vietnam is to take in all the history and culture of this country. Most people only know about it because of the Vietnam War that happened a few decades ago. There are museums that showcase some of the horrors of the war and really give you a feel for what the people went through in this beautiful country. It’s an eye-opening experience mixed in with a gorgeous setting and some of the best food around. Ho Chi Minh City is probably the best place to stay, and you’re not going to struggle to find accommodation there.




Right next to Vietnam you’ll find the lovely country of Cambodia. This has become a huge tourist destination of the last few years, with many travellers visiting it thanks to the countries insane beauty. There are loads of amazing temples you can visit that look like something out of an Indiana Jones movie (one of the good ones not that weird one with aliens). The sea here is remarkably clear, so much so you can see all the fish and aquatic wildlife swimming around loving life.

cambodia temple

This is one of your typical backpacker gap year destinations. There are sandy beaches, quaint little mud huts, and it’s a place you go to ‘find yourself.’ There’s a lot to do, and the locals are incredibly friendly and will be more than willing to show you around.


It’s hard to narrow this list down to three countries as there are so many great options available. In my opinion, these three are the best, and you should plan trips there if you’re backpacking through Asia in the future.

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