Aruba: Top 10 Things To Do

Aruba Beach

Aruba is a Caribbean paradise for most tourists. The small island off the coast of Venezuela is lucky enough to have sunny weather and beautiful beaches. If you’re looking to discover what Aruba has to offer in addition to the luxury hotels and the all-inclusive resorts, then here are the 10 best things to do and see.


1) Eagle Beach

Often touted as one of the best beaches in the world, Eagle Beach has to top the list of Aruba’s attractions. Its stunning white sand and clear blue sea almost have to be seen to be believed.


2) Palm Beach


This 2-mile-long stretch of beautiful coastline is another must for visitors. Palm Beach is a haven for both casual swimmers and snorkelers due to its crystal clear water. Browse this guide to Palm Beach the best hotels, restaurants, and bars on the island.


3) Arikik National Park

The national park covers around 18 percent of the island and includes Mount Jamanota, which at 620 feet is the highest point on Aruba. This natural sanctuary offers the best views across the island.


4) Natural Pool

Aruba Natural Pool

Located on the east side of the island, Natural Pool is a hidden gem that is worth the 3.5-mile walk from the visitor’s center. Surrounded by rugged scenery, this natural pool of seawater can be a tranquil escape from the buzz of the popular beaches.


5) Fontein Cave

Another impressive natural attraction is this limestone cave, which offers visitors the chance to observe both stalactites and stalagmites. Its walls also display well-preserved 1,000-year-old drawings from the Caquetios people.


6) Antilla Wreck

Scuba divers will certainly enjoy the sunken remains of the SS Antilla, a World War II-era ship that sank just off Malmok Beach. The 400-foot wreck is shallow enough that snorkelers can explore it, too.


7) California Lighthouse


The building is probably Aruba’s most famous man-made landmark. From the top, the California Lighthouse offers visitors a spectacular panoramic 360-degree view of the island’s northern point.


8) Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

Animal lovers will enjoy a trip to this nonprofit, volunteer-operated sanctuary for these lovable four-legged friends. Founded in 1997, it’s now home to over 130 donkeys that you can even help to care for while you’re there.


9) Bushiribana and Balashi


These were both gold mines in their day. Now the remains of the mines offer tourists a point of interest to admire while on treks or horseback tours that operate in the area.


10) Ayo Rock Formations

There are a number of interesting rock formations throughout Aruba, but Ayo is probably the most unusual. The size and layout of the rocks are fascinating, and it’s not hard to see why they were thought to be sacred.


Though Aruba is a relatively small island, it has plenty to offer, from the luxury holiday resorts and the stunning beaches to the natural beauty and wonder of the island landscape. Visiting these top 10 attractions will help to give you a well-rounded appreciation for this Caribbean holiday paradise.

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  1. Excellent article, dear Marcus. I had the opportunity to visit the California Lighthouse on several occasions when I stayed at Harbor House, and it seems to me one of the most beautiful things built on that island. I loved your post, I hope to read the following one!

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