5 Ways to Reach Your ‘True’ Beard Potential

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Now despite what mainstream media will tell you, the beard trend really isn’t going anywhere, in fact it is probably still growing.

full beard

See although, they claimed it was dying back in:

2013 — with the Guardian questioning ‘Have We Reached Peak Beard?
2014 — with GQ officially branding them as “uncool”, since it has been called a so called trend.
2015 — with the Telegraph questioning if the boom will actually ever end?
2016 — with the Independent also claiming that it is finally over and they claim it yet again in 2017.
However, if you were to head over to that rather clever tool: google trends.
It actually shows you, if you were take the term “beard growth” for instance—that actually it continues to be high, right around the world—with more and more guys asking about what it takes grow theirs.
And it’s exactly that topic that we are going to cover here today. How to maximize yourcgrowth and get the best beard to become the best 2017 man, you can.

1. Feed It

lots of fruit

This is about supplying your beard with the ‘right’ nutrition to flourish. You need to make sure you are giving your body (and consequently your beard) with the right vitamins, proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids.
Quite simply, look to a healthy diet.
There are beard supplements and vitamins out there (a particularly popular one is VitaBeard), but I’d advise you to heavily research into supplements beforehand and it’s always better to just get everything you need from your diet.
The way I’m going about it at the moment: one cod liver oil tablet, one biotin and stick to a lean diet (with the likes of sh, eggs, rice, cheese and so on).

2. Hydrate the Beard

beard and sunglasses

The number one issue guys have with facial hair? It itches like hell.
That my friend, is due to your beard dry as hell. Give it a helping hand with a rather clever
little product called beard oil.

No, it’s not a gimmick.

It genuinely helps your facial scruff
to become softer, easier to manage and works wonders with the natural oils that reside on your face (sebum) to provide the ideal habitat (keep your skin fresh) for future healthier beard growth. Did I mention they smell pretty darn awesome too?
Apply it daily and in a massaging motion to stimulate and encourage further growth.

3. Hit the Gym & Chill

gym weights

One of the main factors behind beard growth, as can be quoted by in this study.
“T and DHT may have independent roles in the control of male facial hair growth, i.e. T for hair follicle priming and DHT for promotion of linear growth.”
That’s why losing weight, hitting the weights and performing HIIT all contribute towards
raising your testosterone levels—as a result contribute towards helping your beard grow out. Likewise, you want to be stopping things that prohibit it and dampen the levels. Reduce stress, a killer of testosterone with cortisol—take a few minutes out to meditate and practice deep breathing exercises to reduce stress.

4. Get the Z’s

bed in bedroom

Make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep each night, 7 to 8, otherwise you could seriously be hampering your growth.
In fact, there was a very study into this relationship. The results, are probably not that surprising, they found that men who underwent sleep deprivation had a significant
drop in their testosterone levels—resulting in less growth.
In short: get to bed on time.

5. Just Let it Grow

beard long hair

Simple enough isn’t it? Put down the shaver, and hang around a while.
However, it is probably ‘the’ most common mistake I see new beard starters making, trimming back their beard too early.
I see guys, way, way to keen to start taking a trimmer or a pair of scissors to their beard.
Remember. It doesn’t take 3 weeks to grow a beard, you are looking closer to 3 months (and even then, you probably have some way to go for a full on one).

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